How to Maximize Your Small Living Spaces


Living in a small space can be frustrating. To live comfortably in a small house, you should also work hard on the layout before starting the renovation. You have to make sure that you are maximizing the space and decluttering it in the process.

There are many ways to maximize your living space and here are some of them:

Tips 1: Storage space

With so many items in your home, it can look cluttered and unorganized for a long time. If you can make use of the extra space in your home and make it clean and fresh, you can easily cope with these problems.

The next step is figuring out how ample your space is, how many people are using the space, and what your goals are for the space. From there, it’s easier to figure out how much storage you’ll need, where each thing should go, and how much furniture you’ll need.

Space organization matters in a home because it ensures that the home is functional. When you have an organized space, you can more easily find what you need and make decisions about where to put it.

Tips 2: Use glass indoor

Glass doors can be used between rooms to communicate between two spaces, not only to allow better lighting, the whole room can also be more permeable. In addition, you can also use glass partitions to replace the wall, which is not only beautiful and versatile but dividing the space at the same time will not affect the sense of openness of the home.

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Tips 3: Do not choose furniture that is too bulky

A small living room is generally narrower, and hard stuffed with some bulky and large furniture, which will make the living room visually smaller, causing the limited space of actual space for activities. In the decoration can choose a piece of shorter furniture, reduce the vision blocking, and seem to be wider open. Tall or thin-footed types of furniture which are able to see the floor more, can reduce the heaviness of the space, and cleaning is also very convenient.

Tips 4: Open Kitchen

For small homes, the kitchen space is not too large, which is possible to design the kitchen as open to maximize the utilization of space. Without the extra wall blocking, the space will become more open and bright.


No matter how big the home is, comfort is the key. For small houses, with limited area, as long as the design is well planned, small homes can be bigger and larger, with a high quality of life.

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